Top Baby Shower Gifts From Minbie To Nurture Breastfeeding

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Gifting can be tricky at the best of times, but having a friend or loved one who is expecting or has just had a baby, can sometimes make it even trickier. With so many cute outfits and sweet baby paraphernalia lining the department store shelves, it becomes a real challenge. Do you think a little outside of the box and buy something for the home or perhaps something nice for the kitchen? Do you buy for the new arrival or just for Mum? What about Dad? He deserves something too! See what I mean? Surely it’s time to buy a gift that the whole family can benefit from? Minbie can help with that!

 Practical gifts aren’t real gifts right? 

Wrong! Gifting something that will give joy for many months to come is the key to gifting and should not be overlooked by anyone! Plus, giving a gift with longevity is kinder to the planet! 

If you’re buying for a new mum or a mum-to-be, Minbie can help with a gift that promises to keep on giving, beyond the unboxing and well into the second year of a new baby’s life. Hoorah, finally a gift that lasts multiple years and perhaps multiple babies too!!

Gifting breastfeeding support is priceless.

The breastfeeding support that Minbie offers is a truly unique experience for mums and for dads. Not only will Minbie help establish a great breastfeeding routine for mum and baby, but it will help with every stage of breastfeeding from those first few days, right up until baby is ready to be weaned. Whatever your budget, Minbie has something for you to gift! The gift of a Minbie bundle will give a family everything they need to safely and comfortably switch between breast and bottle whilst maintaining that special breastfeeding bond long into parenthood. At the other end of the scale, just one Minbie bottle & teat could be the lifesaver your friends are looking for to resurrect their dwindling breastfeeding journey. Imagine being the giver of the bottle that turned it all around!

Gifting from Minbie not only gives the receiver the best in breastfeeding support but it also enables everyone around to lend a hand. A Minbie gift tells the mum that you understand her needs, you’re there to support and encourage her decision to breastfeed and you're ready to her help in any way you can. Minbie means mum can have some time out, dad can bond, other children can feed their new sibling, friends can help and grandparents can offer up some much appreciated babysitting! Minbie makes a positive difference in so many lives, in so many ways!

So, what can I gift? 

UV Complete Package

This is the Queen of gifts for any expecting mum. By gifting the UV Complete package you're providing a new family with everything they need to be way ahead of the parenting game before they even start? This bundle gives mum all the tools to ensure smooth sailing and seamless breast to bottle transitions for the first 12 months and beyond. From the breast pump to the bottles and on to the UV Steriliser, this collection has been designed to nurture her little one’s instinctive feeding technique, save mum time and give the whole family the very best breastfeeding support. Comfortable pumping paired with a first class feeding system and time saving, mess free UV sterilising is going to protect and enhance their breastfeeding journey! Right now (for a limited time), there's a FREE Bottle Warmer included in this bundle.  Make sure your friends have everything on hand when their little bundle arrives with this ultimate baby shower gift. There really is no better way to begin!

Depending on who you're buying for, Minbie has plenty of options, from individual bottles and teats to bundles that a new family can use for the next few years.  We’ve put together a few of our top gift ideas so that you can give a truly meaningful and well thought-out present to those special people in your life! 

Minbie Steriliser & Bottle Bundle

Steam Steriliser & Dryer – The Minbie Steam Steriliser & Dryer keeps 99.9% of harmful bacteria away, and is the time & space saving steam steriliser all new families need in the kitchen! It’s not only straightforward to use, easy to clean and quick, it simply uses water to sterilise baby’s bottles, teats and teethers. With space for up to 9 bottles plus accessories this steriliser keeps the kitchen clutter free whilst keeping the contents sterile for up to 24 hours after the cycle is complete. Yes, keeping a new baby safe becomes a breeze with this. 

Bottles & Teats –The 4 bottles and 10 teats in this bundle will see the receiving family through the first 6 months of feeding. The Minbie PPSU Bottles are elegant, ergonomic, easy to assemble, quick to clean and hardwearing whilst our Minbie patented teats are perfectly designed to match the way newborns want and need to feed on the breast, making mum’s breastfeeding journey seamless. 

Don’t want to buy the bundle? Shop the Minbie Steriliser for a stand alone wow!

The Complete Premium PPSU Bottle Bundle 

We all know how long the shopping list is when you’re having a new baby, especially when you’re a first time parent. Choosing to gift our Complete Premium PPSU Bottle Bundle will be a huge tick off the list and an enormous support for mum’s breastfeeding. This perfect bundle contains all the bottles & teats baby will need for the first two years. The PPSU Bottles are beautifully elegant and ergonomic, completely safe and toxin free, with all the benefits of glass minus the breakability. There truly is no better bottle for feeding a baby! Bottles like these, that are quick to assemble and easy to clean are the stuff of dreams for new parents. These incredible bottles are compatible with all the Minbie award winning teats and are made with premium materials making them an ideal gift for new families.

Looking for a smaller gift? SHOP INDIVIDUAL BOTTLES & TEATS HERE!

If you're unsure on what would make the perfect baby shower gift, speak to one of our 24/7 Customer Support Team now! 

Bundle & save

Bundle & save

Comfortably nurture your babies breastfeeding ability with the calm and flexibility provided by our complete feeding system.

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