Breast To Bottle & Back

Functionally Designed like nature intended
  • Our vent floats air away from the milk which is anti-colic

  • Our contours supports your baby to latch-on like it’s mum, training their breastfeeding muscle-memory

  • Enables the instinctive breastfeeding motion preventing lazy-feeding & supporting milk digestion

Designed to create a stronger bond
Designed to create a stronger bond
other teats
Nurtures instinctive breastfeeding latch
Strengthens breastfeeding coordination
Avoids nipple confusion
Replicates instinctive breastfeeding motion
Supports good digestion
Prevents lazy feeding
Anti reflux & colic
Trains breastfeeding muscle-memory
Gentle on palate & gums

Nourish your little miracle with a bottle that was created to protect your breastfeeding bond by honouring your baby’s natural latch and feeding motion. Your newborn baby is still figuring life out. With Minbie, figuring out the bottle can be easy.

3+ Months
3+ Months

Introducing a bottle can and should be easy if you choose one that allows your baby to practice their breastfeeding technique while you’re gone. With Minbie, they can.


By now, your incredible baby is incredibly attached to you, which is why you’re stuck in a difficult cycle of bottle rejection. Minbie is the closest thing to breastfeeding, created to honour nature. Protect your breastfeeding bond and help your baby figure out the bottle, so you can take a break when you want to.


You and your baby are starting to get out and explore! You can have the best of both worlds — breast and bottle feeding — with a Minbie teat that honours your baby’s natural latch and feeding motions, avoids nipple confusion, and enhances your beautiful breastfeeding bond.

Mums Say
Minbie saved my breastfeeding

"I was in tears at one point thinking I wouldn't be able to breastfeed. As soon as we changed to Minbie, he latched on perfectly." Vanessa