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Breast pump comparisons
Breast pump comparisons

Minbie Hospital Grade

Other Hospital Grade Pumps

Minbie Wearable

Other Wearables


3 soft silicone cup sizes included for greater comfort

1 size of hard silicone or plastic cups

Soft silicone shields with 5 nipple sizes

One or two sizes and hard silicone or plastic










Less suction


2-3 hours of pumping time on one charge

Shorter battery life and heavy

Enclosed motor for more discrete pumping anytime anywhere

Motor protrudes from top of bra making it less discrete


Soft pink night light illuminates from the bottom




Wearable or hospital grade pump?

Wondering whether to buy a hospital grade or wearable breast pump or both? We recommend buying a hospital grade breast pump for expressing more milk in less time, especially in the comfort of your home. Having a pair of wearables in addition is great for hands free top ups on the go.

Wearable breast pump pros:

- Discreetly hides inside clothing for hands free on-the-go pumping

- No tubing means less to carry, offering ultimate mobility

- Lightweight at only 290g

Wearable breast pump cons:

- Less powerful than our hospital grade pump, meaning you will pump less over a given period. if your supply is limited, we recommend choosing a hospital grade pump over a wearable

- Milk must be transferred to a bottle post pumping which is less less convenient than being able to pump straight into the bottle

Hospital grade pump pros:

- Hospital grade vacuum suction strength up to 270mmHg on each side means more milk in less time

- 3 soft silicone cup sizes included to ensure a comfortable fit out of the box

- Agile expression & stimulation modes to perfectly tune to your body

- Wide-flange, one-piece silicone shields for greater comfort and hygiene

Hospital grade pump cons:

- Chords connecting to the unit means can't be hidden inside your bra

There is a tradeoff between discreteness that the wearable offers and the power and comfort that the hospital grade offers. We offer both in the above bundle as we believe having a hospital grade pump & two wearables is optimal for your pumping journey.

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