UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package
UV Complete Package

UV Complete Package

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Comfortably nurture your babies breastfeeding ability with the calm and flexibility provided by our complete feeding system - Save $230 & Free Express Post. 

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This essential bundle includes everything your family needs to start and maintain a seamless breastfeeding journey from the very first feed.

Bottles & Teats –The 4 bottles and 16 teats in this bundle will see you and your baby through the first two years of feeding. The Minbie PPSU Bottles are elegant, ergonomic, easy to assemble, quick to clean and hardwearing whilst our Minbie patented teats are perfectly designed to match the way newborns want and need to feed on the breast, making your breastfeeding journey seamless.

Breast Pump - Your breastfeeding best friend, our all-in-one pump, has been designed to provide the most comfort, power, and portability to support a nurturing breastfeeding relationship between you and your baby. Hospital-grade suction, a rechargeable lithium battery, backlit display and an ultra-quiet motor ensures you can pump whenever and wherever you feel most comfortable. Complete with stimulation and expression modes, five adjustable pace settings, and twelve adjustable power levels, the Minbie Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump has been created to provide power and peace of mind. 

UV Steriliser – The Minbie UV Steriliser really has got mums talking! It’s not only quiet, easy to use and quick, it’s effective at killing pathogens and keeping them away. This incredible technology has been proven to kill microorganisms even the eye can’t see, making the Minbie UV Steriliser a real ‘peace of mind appliance’ for your whole family. Use this amazing steriliser for your baby’s bottles and teats plus your purse, keys, watch and phone!

Bottle Warmer - Our brand new baby bottle warmer, the latest edition to the Minbie range, has been designed with you in mind. Built to last, this device makes warming baby’s milk and food simple, safe and more efficient than ever before. Compatible with all Minbie bottles (and most other brands too) this bottle warmer has a real time digital temperature display so that you can clearly see the temperature of water as it gently warms baby’s bottle. We don’t want to risk your precious milk getting spoilt, or anyone getting burnt, so this innovative bottle warmer has a temperature function that you can set. Use this invaluable setting to keep your milk at temperature until you’re ready to feed. It's just one of the multiple functions that will make day and night feeds smooth for everyone. Say “Goodbye” to mess, inconsistency, long waits and burnt milk and “Hello” to our brand new bottle warmer!

Bottles & Teats:

  • 2 x 210ml Premium PPSU Bottles
  • 2 x 270ml Premium PPSU Bottles
  • 2 x 0+ Extra Slow Teats
  • 2 x 1+ Slow Flow Teats
  • 2 x 3P Paced Flow Teats
  • 2 x 3+ Medium Flow Teats
  • 2 x 6+ Months Fast Flow Teats
  • 2 x 6P Paced Flow Teats
  • 2 x 9+ Months Advanced Flow Teats
  • 2 x 12+ Months Teats

Breast pump contains:

  • 1 x Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump
  • 2 x Soft Silicone Cups (size L)
  • 2 x Outer Breast Flanges
  • 2 x Diaphragms 
  • 2 x White Caps (seals diaphragm)
  • 4 x Tubes 
  • 6 x Tube Connectors 
  • 2 x 210ml Premium PPSU Bottles (for collecting milk and storing) 
  • 2 x Bottle Caps 
  • 2 x Dust Covers (for cups) 
  • 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Battery (enclosed in pump) 
  • 1 x Charging Cord

UV Steriliser contains:

  • Fast drying with PTC heater and dual fan (approximately 80degrees Celsius)
  • Touch button LED display for sterilising and drying and a storage function for maintaining sterilisation
  • Two germicidal UVC lights with sterilising wave-lengths in the range of 254nm to kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogens
  • Two stainless steel sterilising racks for two layers
  • Mirror stainless steel for high reflectivity
  • Night light inside
  • Safety feature: engages as soon as the door is opened switching off the UV lights. 

Bottle Warmer contains:

  • Warmer with basket insert
  • Top cover with flap
    • Free Express Post Included
    • 1 Year Warranty 

    Breast Pump: 

    • Pump dimensions
      • Depth: 15cm / 6”
      • Width: 16cm / 6.2" 
      • Height (includes handle): 22cm / 8.6”
    • Weight: 2.33kg / 5.136lbs
    • Power level 120V - 60Hz. Output 15V
    • Industrial standard maximum strength safety limit 33kpa = 247.52mmHg. Minbie pump maximum strength set slightly under at 31kpa = 232.51mmHg
    • Shield Size Guide - measure the base of your nipple where it meets your areola
      • (M) 21mm - for nipple diameter 17mm or less
      • (L) 25mm - for nipple diameter 21mm or less 
      • (XL) 29mm - for nipple diameter 25mm or less.


    • Outer dimensions: width 28cm x height 38cm x depth 36cm
    • Inner dimensions: width 25cm x height 30cm x depth 26cm
    • Can fit 9 bottles and accessories

    Bottle Warmer:

    • Voltage 230V~
    • Frequency 50Hz


      There’s no need to be concerned about fulfilling your baby’s needs. Our Minbie pump provides hospital grade power combined with customisable settings and a natural breastfeeding action which stimulates greater milk production in less time.


      No power, no problem! Our hospital-grade double pump is portable and powered by a rechargeable lithium battery giving you the freedom to pump wherever you feel most comfortable with no plugs attached. Lightweight with an ergonomic handle, this portable pump will perform for 2-3 hours before needing a recharge.


      We’ve chosen the softest, most flexible silicone cups to be incredibly gentle on your sensitive breast tissue. You can pump at your pace with a suction level that best suits your body, protecting your breasts from any discomfort.


      The sleek backlit display, nightlight and quiet motor ensure you’re free to pump during the night without disturbing a soul.


      We understand the importance of quiet time and we know you’ll appreciate being free to pump in peace with this quiet motor! You’re welcome.


      We treasure your breastfeeding bond and have designed our pump to do the same by simulating the natural sucking motions of your baby, which helps to build and maintain your milk supply. Comfortable silicone also makes it easy for you to pump and feed simultaneously.

      Comfortable Portable Pumping


      Kills 99.9% of bacteria, microbes, viruses, and other harmful pathogens.


      Fit up to 9 bottles & accessories saving you time.


      Our phones go everywhere with us collecting germs along the way. To sanitise our phones without giving them the bath of death, use the Minbie UV Steriliser. It does the job without the heartbreak


      Germs don’t make good playmates. The Minbie UV Steriliser sees to it that playtime is safe-time. It safely zaps the germs off loved toys without the worry of damaging them like what happens in the washer

      UV Protects Your Family From Germs