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Best baby bottle & teat to nurture breastfeeding

Wondering what the best type of baby bottle and bottle teat is best for your baby?

Bottle types:

There are 3 materials baby bottles are commonly made of. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Glass Baby Bottles: Glass is a natural material that will not release any microplastics or toxins into your milk. They are very transparent and have a great clarity to see your milk through. The issue with glass is that it is the heaviest material and they can break if dropped. We advise extra special care if choosing glass bottles.

PP Polypropylene Baby Bottles - This is the most common plastic baby bottle type available. They are the most affordable and lightest to carry. The downside is they can discolour over time and deteriorate due to a lower heat resistance compared to glass and premium PPSU.

PPSU Baby Bottles - A more premium safer material to feed your baby with as it has a far higher heat resistance than Polypropylene bottles, and will retain its clarity and won't leak microplastics under any sterilisation or boiling conditions. We choose PPSU as it has all the benefits of glass without the worry of breakage.

Baby Bottle Teats:

Unlike other bottles, Minbie's unique, Aussie teat design protects breastfeeding making it ideal for parents who want the freedom to introduce a bottle that won't take over from the breast. Minbie supports your baby to continue feeding just as they do on the breast, therefore avoiding confusion, lazy feeding and rejection.