Introducing the UV Steriliser that mums just can’t stop talking about!

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At Minbie we understand mums. We understand the pure joy that motherhood brings, and we totally get the mundane, everyday tasks that can sometimes seem overwhelming! We decided from day 1 our aim was to make every aspect of feeding your baby as simple and safe as we could, and we’re continuing to deliver the most innovative products to make your life easier with the fantastic Minbie UV steriliser. 

Minbie UV Steriliser with New Mum & Baby

If you haven’t heard about UV sterilisation then you’re not alone. It’s one of least well known yet most effective ways to ensure germs are eliminated from your baby’s bottles & teats and the contents of your bag too. Forget the microwave, the chemicals, and the boiling water, this easy, quiet and fast sterilisation process simply uses UV light, meaning it’s environmentally & family friendly. Facemasks no longer need daily rounds in the washing machine, or disposing of so quickly, the UV steriliser can ensure all facemasks are germ free in minutes, saving on waste, time and water. 

Our Minbie UV Steriliser has been created with the sole purpose of disinfecting germs that live on baby gear & your personal items! Yes, you read that right! This ‘must have’ steriliser gets everything from bottles & teats, to your house keys, face masks and purse clean and dry within minutes. If you have school aged children, you can even use the UV steriliser for school essentials like drink bottles and iPads! The possibilities are endless, making it a dream come true for any home! This easy to use, fast and highly effective steriliser will change the way you live, by saving you and your family time and energy, whilst keeping you all germ free.

Not convinced yet? Well let me tell you why UV sterilisation and drying are so important.

To understand why this particular method of sterilisation is exciting parents across Australia, we’ll need to give you the jargon, so here goes!! Deep breath…. All bacterium, viruses, and other microorganisms that cause disease and sickness need moisture to grow and the best way to beat them is to use UV sterilisation + drying. UV Sterilisation works by breaking down specific chemical bonds therefore scrambling the structure of the DNA, RNA (the messenger inside a cell) and proteins which disables a microorganism and shuts off its ability to multiply. When a microorganism is unable to multiply, it’s considered dead! Hooray! This method is not only highly effective in killing pathogens it’s what’s needed to keep them away!  

You may now be wondering why you shouldn’t just stick to chemical sterilisation! We hear you and we understand that it’s easy to get used to one way of doing things! However, what you may not know is that when you use chemicals to sterilise, they leave behind a residue which continues to treat the surface even when you’ve started using it.  Obviously, this isn’t good for your baby or the personal items you’ve cleaned, hence UV sterilisation is the winner, again!

If you’ve got this far without adding to your cart then here’s another fab reason to convince you our UV Steriliser is the new ‘must have’ product. I think you’ll agree I have saved the best for last! 

The storage function! *Yes those are quite possibly singing angels you can hear!!

By tapping the storage key after choosing your preferred sterilisation function, the Minbie UV steriliser will store your baby’s bottles & teats in its very own sterile environment for up to 3 days, by re-drying and re-sterilising every 2 hours. Baby’s bottles & teats will stay sterile for longer whilst saving you from having to remember everything, all the time, every day! Hey, like I said, we know mums, and we know you’re super busy!  

Minbie UV Steriliser With Baby Items Inside

Oh, and before you go, remember that UV isn’t just fab for your home & family, it’s an environmental winner too. 

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