"The Minbie bottle warmer brings calm and comfort to our home" - Leila's Story

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As soon as we become parents we quickly come to learn that every minute is precious when there's a baby in the house.

We’d do anything to save a few minutes here or there or even have the freedom to hand baby over without worrying about feeds? From the moment new mum Leila found out she was pregnant, her aim was to be prepared for all eventualities, especially when it came to making breastfeeding work seamlessly for her and her family. She did the research, read the reviews and decided to put her trust in Minbie. 

At Minbie HQ we have always made it a priority to deliver products that support you and your family. After all, breastfeeding journeys are made to be shared! Choosing Minbie from the very beginning of parenthood gives your family, just like Leila’s, the freedom to truly enjoy this precious time, safe in the knowledge that you’re using the very best in breastfeeding support. 

The bottle warmer you've longed for!

“I just leave it on, often all day, with the water sitting at the perfect temperature for warming, so when I take the bottle straight out of the fridge I know the milk will be warmed without losing the precious nutrients!” - Leila

Like most mums, Leila wanted to set out with everything on hand as soon as her baby arrived. She was keen to avoid buying unnecessary items and wanted to be sure she didn’t waste money buying anything that wouldn’t truly support her breastfeeding journey. Leila wanted the freedom to ask for help when she needed it, and give dad the bonding time he deserved, which is why she chose Minbie.

Leila  invested in the Complete Package featuring our brand new bottle warmer. It was comforting to know that as soon as their baby arrived they had everything they could possibly need to make breastfeeding smooth and successful.


She knew choosing Minbie meant offering her baby the closest thing to her breast if and when a bottle was needed. Having her Minbie collection with her in hospital meant Leila was prepared with an efficient steriliser, a gentle and very effective breast pump and an incredibly handy bottle warmer that warmed the milk slowly to 37 degrees to preserve all the nutrients in the milk and to ensure Mackenzie’s milk was ready when she was. 

We caught up with Leila a few months into motherhood making great use of the breast pump, bottles, bottle warmer and steriliser and were thrilled to see her little one thriving.

Leila has been breastfeeding and expressing. This has helped her get more routine with the feeds. Using the bottle warmer to warm the milk ready to feed her little one as soon as she wakes! No waiting, no mess, no boiling water, no spoiled milk and most importantly no crying! It really has eliminated the stress, given everyone the opportunity to lend a hand and “just made life so much easier”.

The bottle warmer that brings warm milk and calm

“The wonderful thing about this bottle warmer is I can put the bottle in to warm at least 10 minutes before I know she is going to need feeding, so it’s safely warmed and ready to go at the right temperature." Leila

The new Minbie bottle warmer has been the stuff of dreams for this new family. They have been blown away by how simple it is to use and by the time & tears it’s saved! Leila is able to plan ahead, warming Mackenzie's milk to the perfect temperature so it's exactly right when she needs it. 

Can you imagine how great it feels to eliminate the need to anxiously wait for the kettle to boil whilst trying to comfort your screaming baby? 

Mums like Leila who choose to put their trust in Minbie, take the pressure off themselves and their family members too. No one wants to be precariously popping a bottle in a mug of hot water or heating a bottle in the microwave unsure if it will deplete the nutrients in the milk, or burn the milk or leave dangerous hot spots that could burn your baby. There is no need to pace the floor any more with a screaming baby who desperately wants their milk. Our bottle warmer has been created to save families from the chaos that comes with getting milk to the right temperature at the right time. The Minbie range has been designed with busy families in mind, so whether you’re having your first baby or your third, let us take away the worry and the hassle and give you even more happy moments.


Using the Minbie Complete Package has enabled this new family to seamlessly switch from breast to bottle without any complications or confusion whilst also making sterilisation, pumping and bottle warming quick and uncomplicated. 

When Minbie mums told us they needed a new kind of bottle warmer, one that would truly save time and make warming milk stress free, day & night, we knew we had to deliver! 

The main features in the design of our bottle warmer came from your needs! Mums wanted a warmer that was safe & easy to use with a well lit LED display. You asked for smart functions that allow you to choose the temperature of the milk and most importantly you wanted to preserve the nutrients in the milk and keep the bottle there until you’re ready to feed. We have made sure your bottle warmer has all these essential functions plus it’s design makes it easy to clean, looks great on your bench top and crucially ensures your breastmilk maintains its nutrients.


If you have any questions about our brand new bottle warmer or any other Minbie products, you can chat to someone now!

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Bundle & save

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