Minbie's New Steam Steriliser & Dryer Saves Families Even More Time

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It’s best we warn you ahead of time; very little goes exactly to plan when it comes to parenthood! Your life is about to become full of surprises, from exploding nappies to seemingly endless piles of laundry. It's true, you'll go from having it 'all under your belt' one day, to wondering what on earth is going on the next! (That's normal by the way!) Being prepared for anything is crucial, so having a gold star feeding system in place before baby arrives will save you from the chaos and give you more precious time to spend gazing at your newborn! Busy families need reliability, efficiency and simplicity, because let's face it, the easier it is, the more likely dad will lend a hand! #kidding


Investing in the latest Minbie Steam Steriliser & Dryer, allowed new parents Kelvin & Stacy to easily prepare bottles for baby Asher as and when he needed them, and it gave dad a good excuse to get stuck in whilst mum was breastfeeding! No one wants to feel left out right?


The new Minbie Steam Steriliser & Dryer has all the fantastic features of the previous one but with a far larger capacity! Yes! You asked, so we delivered! The new unit holds up to 9 bottles plus accessories and is the largest capacity steam steriliser you can buy!

"My favourite feature is actually the sterilising and drying (function). By having one button to do it all saves a lot of time, and you don't have to tweak much. Just one click and it's done!" Kelvin 

Having previously been using a pot of boiling water, waiting more than 30 minutes for it to sterilise, then having to leave the bottles on the bench for hours whilst they dried, Kelvin loves how quick and easy this steriliser is to use. With the simple touch of a button, Kelvin and Stacy are able to choose from multiple settings and are instantly reassured baby Asher's bottles, teats and teethers will be safe for him to use in no time at all! 

“We use it about three times a day, it saves us a lot of time because previously we were using a pot of water which was quite tedious” Kelvin

Of course, there are other ways you can effectively sterilise your little ones feeding equipment, however, most are time consuming, less effective and messy (the last thing you want with a new baby).

Introducing the new larger Minbie unit to their routine, saves Kelvin and his wife time to concentrate on baby Asher. The efficient sterilisation mode followed but the fast drying function, gives them confidence that all the bottles and teats are germ free and ready to go without delay. They no longer have a permanently wet kitchen bench with stacks of bottles cluttering up the kitchen and they don't have to worry about spores collecting on the damp bottles as they dry. New families definitely don't want harmful bacteria lurking around! 

The Features

🍼 Larger capacity! Holds 9 bottles + accessories 
🍼Uses natural steam to kill 99.9% of germs without chemicals in just 5 minutes
🍼BPA Free
🍼Removable trays for easy loading and cleaning
🍼Backlit display for nighttime use
🍼Multiple settings: Sterilise only, steam only, sterilise & steam
🍼Timer counts down to cycle completion
🍼Auto power-off functionality for added safety
🍼HEPA air filter for complete cleanliness 
🍼Stainless steel heating plate
🍼Keeps contents sterile for up to 24hours after cycle completion
🍼Quiet motor
🍼Sleek, modern countertop design
🍼Works with most brands and different size bottles
Our new steriliser comes with two removable trays which you can interchange depending on what you're sterilising, a pair of tongs to keep you from handing the sterile items and of course a measuring cup to make sure you're using the right amount of water every time. 

If you're looking for a sure fire way to protect your bub from harmful pathogens, keep your kitchen tidy and take away the hassle of sterilising, this new unit is for you. 

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Bundle & save

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