When is a good time to introduce a dummy? 

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We’ll do anything to comfort and protect our little ones and introducing a dummy can be a great way to create calm, alleviate upset and help bub gently soothe themselves to sleep. Sounds like hocus pocus we know, but honestly, adding a Minbie dummy into the mix can be a game changer for them and for you! 


It’s easy to ‘plan’ for parenthood well before we’ve outgrown our skinny jeans. We’ve all had idyllic ideas of letting bub fall asleep without being rocked or letting them just ‘cry it out’, but sometimes we have to change our plans slightly to suit our new life and our new, ‘completely unique’ baby! Yes! The best thing about babies is they’re all different, even if you have two that look the same, so what works for next door’s bub may not work for yours and vice versa! Introducing a dummy might not have been in your plans, but here we are, and it’s all good news!

Introducing the dummy

If you’re breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to ensure feeding is established before offering a dummy, and when you decide the time is right, it’s good practice to only use it when really necessary. The Minbie dummy is designed to be supportive of breastfeeding with a dome and grooves on the underside for slowing and naturally relaxing the feeding motion. This patented dummy is best used as a bridge between breast and sleep, helping you get bub off the breast and off to bed, however, lots of families have found it helpful to calm, comfort and relax their little ones between feeds too. Sometimes popping a dummy in frees you up to have a stretch, do some chores or simply have your boobs back for a while! 

Offering your baby a dummy is a great way to help your little one self soothe, which in the long run gives you (and your boobs) a break. When we have a baby in the house, rest is important, so having the dummy there when bub is simply 'suckling' themselves to sleep on the breast, will free you up to get some sleep and teach them new, important soothing skills too. 

“Will the dummy cause damage to my baby’s growing gums and teeth?”
The shape of the Minbie dummy is orthodontic, with new innovations to reduce pressure on a baby’s growing gums and teeth. The topside of the dummy is relatively flat and wide, distributing the surface and reducing pressure on the palate and upper gums; whilst the new lip rest balances the dummy so that no undue pressure is needed to keep the dummy in.

When is the right time? 

The right time to offer a dummy is when you and you’re little one are ready!! You can use a dummy from birth, there are no rules. The anti reflux, orthodontic Minbie dummy is one size and offers a new way for babies of all ages to settle themselves without affecting their latch or your breastfeeding journey, and when used in conjunction with our range of teats, you have the very best care for their developing jaw and gums while gently strengthening against reflux.

The benefits of using the Minbie dummy for babies who are used to the Minbie teat:

🍼 the silicone of the teat and the soother are the same, creating a familiar feel

🍼 just like the Minbie teat, a baby can create an easy "natural" seal around the dummy-nipple

🍼 the unique shape allows natural movement so, while the bottle teat encourages babies to work for the feed - providing practice for drawing the mother's breast milk - the dummy promotes relatively smaller movement to soothe, so there is no confusion.

 “Will it be difficult to take the dummy away when it’s no longer needed?”
If the dummy is used only at sleep times, and not all day, it can become a helpful cue for sleep time. Just remember, any dummy can become relied upon!

As with all things you introduce to your little one, you may have to give them a little time to get used to the dummy, however, once they get the hang of it, you’ll be glad you gave it time. 

Tips for introducing the dummy:

🐨Make sure the dummy is sterilised before offering it to your baby

🐨Give bub time to be curious, touching, feeling and interacting with the dummy

🐨 Offer the dummy when your little one is well fed, relaxed and content, especially the first time

🐨Don't force the dummy into bub's mouth if they're upset and never use it to replace a feed

🐨 Bub knows you best and knows your scent so it's often helpful to ask dad or another family member to introduce the dummy at least the first few times. This way, bub is less likely to be expecting milk to come out of the dummy

🐨 Your little one will be used to a warm nipple or bottle teat so it can help to gently warm the dummy to body temperature (37ºC) before offering. This will ensure it isn't such a shock when bub takes to it. *Make sure you don't overheat it

🐨Gently touch the dummy to baby's mouth and watch for their cues. If they open wide you can help them by gently resting the dummy against their upper gums, so they can close onto it

Remember, learning new things can take time, so be gentle, don't force the dummy into your baby’s mouth, just relax and let bub lead the way. 

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