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When we become parents we expect to have our sleep disrupted, it comes with the territory right? Whilst disrupted sleep is a cert in those very early days, it doesn't have to continue for months and months on end. The key to getting yourselves and your baby a better night’s sleep is a successful feeding schedule and Minbie makes that easier from the outset.

Couldn't have done this without Minbie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Going from feeding on demand to a clearly defined routine was possible because of Minbie. We knew her tummy was full, her needs were met and I wasn’t risking my breastfeeding bond” - Leila 

Newborn Days

Unbelievably in a 24 hour period your newborn will sleep between 14 & 17 hours! That may seem like a lot but it’s taken in small 2-3 hour chunks which can be very demanding on new parents, especially during the night. A newborn's tummy is only about the size of their fist, so this frequent waking ensures they are sufficiently fed. As most newborn babies feed between 8 & 12 times a day, being prepared to keep up with this kind of demand is going to inevitably lead to a better night’s sleep for everyone. That’s where Minbie comes in!


So how will Minbie help me get a better night’s sleep?

Minbie provides the support needed to establish good feeding routines whilst keeping hold of that incredible breastfeeding bond. Choosing to breast & bottle feed gives you the opportunity to share the feeds as well as monitor how much milk your bub is taking, giving a better chance of a decent night’s sleep. 

Minbie is helping families get a more restful night’s sleep because our products enable you to safely & easily introduce a bottle to supplement breastfeeding with no harm to your bond. 

✔ The portable Minbie hospital grade double breast pump makes pumping fast, easy, pain free, quiet and incredibly efficient. You can pump on the go, or even pump and feed at the same time!

✔ Sterilising with the Minbie steriliser is so quick & easy. Killing 99.9% harmful pathogens every time gives you the peace of mind you deserve. It’s so quiet that it can be put on before bed and no one will hear a thing!

✔Our bottles give you a clear indication of how much your baby is taking each feed, therefore you have a better idea of when the next feed is needed.

✔Our unique bottle-teat protects your baby's breastfeeding muscle-memory and strengthens their digestion to give you the confidence to get into a good routine using a combination of breast and bottle feeding.

✔Easy breast to bottle transitions ensure peace of mind and confidence through the very early days. 

✔The Minbie bottle warmer keeps your baby’s milk at a safe temperature until they’re ready. No frantic night time feeds just peace and tranquility helping everyone fall back asleep easily. 

An amazing innovative product!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“The Minbie bottle and teats are a godsend for breastfeeding & pumping mums and even bottlefed babies. There were times at night I really needed a break from breastfeeding as we were having latching issues and nighttime feedings were taking hours at a time. I was a zombie! I also had to go back to hospital a few times which left me in a panic as baby had completely refused any bottles and I was left wondering how my husband would feed her. After gagging and choking on previous bottle brands we had tried she seemed scared of them and to this day still wont even take a dummy. We received the Minbie teats last week and after slight hesitation my daughter took the teat and is now completely happy to have a bottle again!! She is 6 weeks old and exclusively breastfed, but I am so glad to now have a backup option in case I can’t be there to feed her or so I can get a bit of extra sleep. I wish I had found this product earlier!” Melissa.B

Newborn babies need to be fed ‘on demand’, which simply means feeding your baby whenever they signal that they’re hungry, (usually by crying or chewing their hands) day & night.  At this early stage it’s almost impossible to have a rigid schedule but being prepared with a breast pump, bottles, teats, steriliser and a bottle warmer will assist you with smoother sailing at night

With the help of Minbie, responding to those early signs of hunger, rather than keeping a strict eye on the clock will reassure you that your newborn is well fed and inevitably, more settled. Of course you can use any baby bottle, but there is only one baby bottle that protects your baby's breastfeeding muscle-memory. When your baby feeds from the Minbie their breastfeeding muscle-memory will be hard at work, helping their underdeveloped digestive-system and providing the practice that they need to latch right back onto the breast properly. No confusion!  This is immeasurably reassuring to parents!

Fantastic, helped my baby feed more comfortably ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My son was struggling to formula bottle feed on the teats we initially bought and when we tried the minbie teats they were fantastic and so much better for my son. The teats helped my son learn to latch properly and stopped him gulping and coughing when drinking too fast. My son is able to control the flow of feeding so much better and he feeds more comfortably and is more settled after feeding too as well as sleeping better. When I have my second child in the future I will only use Minbie teats immediately from birth and can not highly recommend them enough.” Laura.M

2 months on

As your baby nears the 2 month mark, you’ll find they go for longer stretches between feeds; around the 3-3.5 hour mark. This is because their tummy is growing and they’re taking more milk which is keeping them satisfied for longer. Now is a great time to start introducing more of a structured routine to feeds. Minbie will help you to do this because you can plan ahead, sterilising, pumping and warming the milk as needed, to assist your routine.

“I have to admit my husband and I were a little skeptical when we decided to buy these bottles... but we were willing to try anything! Boy are we glad we did. Our little Miss 9week old (at the time of purchase) , suffered from bad wind when using a bottle. Sleepless nights and crying all day long we gave Minbie bottles a go! OMG we have not regretted it one bit. Thank you for making a bottle that is comfortable for our little miss. Hubby and I are enjoying our sleep :)” Noah.O

Babies need consistency and a good feeding schedule is key when it comes to getting decent, regular sleep. A schedule that may sound familiar is dividing the day into four hourly feeds: 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm. As soon as your baby is ready, a well oiled feeding and sleeping routine will also give you more certainty to the day and freedom to have some time out.  Breastfeeding mums who pump benefit enormously from the extra help.

We used the pump before our baby was born! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Before the birth we wanted to express colostrum because we'd heard it's hard to get your breastmilk to come in when the baby is born especially after c- sections. From 5 days before she was due, I started using the Minbie pump on lowest stimulation mode for 15 mins each side. 
The first time I got 2ml! I stored it in sterilised syringes from the chemist and popped them in a dated glad bag in the freezer.
The next 3 days, the same thing and each time got a little more. 9ml the second try was the biggest. I used the Minbie 1+ for the thicker colostrum then the XS from day 5 as my baby had gained strength and the milk was thinner.
Our obstetrician was supportive of bringing these into the hospital in preparation for those first feeds." - Leila

By around 5 months, bub will have grown sufficiently to be able to go through the night without a top up. Having the confidence to commit to a good routine will see you reach the goal of a full night’s sleep. By using a Minbie bottle for the last feed of the day you will know baby’s tummy is full and ready for the night ahead. 

So impressed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I'm so impressed with the Minbie 3+ for my 4 month boy!! Unfortunately due to him having a terrible suck I had to stop breastfeeding and start expressing and bottle feed. I have had big issues with him sucking a lot of air from other brands of bottles which caused big tummy aches! I am so glad I purchased Minbie as he feeds like he is on the breast! No more lazy feeding and sucking in lots of air and he is back to sleeping through the night!! I can't recommend minbie enough, thank you!!!” Ashleigh.Z 

Prepare for great sleep by:

🍼Having the Minbie Complete Package ready to go when bub arrives. This will give you the confidence to safely feed your newborn on demand with a little help from dad.
🍼Using the Minbie breast pump to express colostrum even before baby arrives. This gives you the ability to offer your baby the very best even if you’re physically not up to it.
🍼Planning a shared schedule ahead of time. Knowing in advance who’s getting up at what time, sets you up for better sleep. 
🍼Creating a calm space for baby to sleep both during the day and at night. If the nursery is quiet and soothing, you are showing bub it’s time to sleep. 
🍼Putting baby down whilst they’re still awake. This teaches them to soothe themselves to sleep. If they can self soothe, they are less likely to disturb you throughout the night. 
🍼Sticking to the same bedtime routine EVERY time. This signals that it’s time to sleep!
(Remember: the number of times your baby wakes in the night is no indication of your parenting skills. Every newborn is different.)
Amazing! ⭐⭐⭐⭐
My 10 month old has never taken to a bottle, we've tried just about every brand going! He's never been a good sleeper (waking 3-4 times a night!) So I thought I would give this a try. I'm expressing for his night feeds and he's taken to this bottle straight away! He's taking all the milk and falling asleep no bother and sleeping right through the night!!! Please make some dummies now too!!! ;)” Jessica.M

Getting your baby into a great feeding routine not only ensures you all have peaceful nights, it also makes the handover to all caregivers smooth. Using Minbie to help with your family’s sleep routine, means you have the confidence to switch between breast and bottle knowing no harm is being done to that precious breastfeeding bond.  Choose to have better feeding solutions, better sleep and more bonding opportunities with Minbie’s Complete Package; everything you need for peaceful nights!  

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