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It’s not uncommon, when you become a mother, to hear the phrase “you are all your baby needs”. And, whilst this sounds dreamy and gives us new mums that boost of ‘feel good’ vibes we’ve been craving; for some, it can feel overwhelming, especially when we have to head back to work or simply need a little space. Author and mum Nell began breastfeeding the moment she became a mother, however, she knew she needed a plan in place to protect her breastfeeding bond whilst she was on tour with her “book baby". That’s when she put her trust in Minbie.

As Nell’s milk was a little slow to come in, she needed to begin topping up Mo’s feeds whilst in the hospital. Without the Minbie pump to support her, Nell had to use the hospital pump on offer. Whilst the hospital pump was effective, Nell felt restricted being tethered to the wall with a cumbersome pump that wasn’t at all user friendly. She knew she needed to invest in a more comfortable pump and a feeding system that would better suit her needs. Nell chose the Minbie Complete Package which gave her family the bottles, teats, bottle warmer, breast pump, bottle & teat cleaner and steriliser. Having the whole Minbie suite streamlined the process from pumping to sterilising, saving them time and giving them peace of mind that breastfeeding and baby Mo were protected throughout! For Nell though, her favourite item had to be the breast pump for all it's awesome features!

“I was worried I might have had a bit of mastitis so I used the pump to relieve the pressure in my breasts.” Nell 

Nell’s favourite features of the Minbie Breast Pump: 

Simple: "The straightforward interface makes it easy to know what buttons to press to make it work in tune with my body."

Portable: "The small handheld unit gives me freedom to move freely around the house and see to my baby’s needs."

Lightweight: "I can easily pick the pump up with one hand and check on baby Mo, or just pop it in my bag if I'm going somewhere."

Design: “It’s beautiful!” (yes that matters!)

Nightlight: "The adjustable night light makes night pumping easy and ensures no one gets woken." 

Quiet: “The pump is so quiet and discreet to use.” 

Practicality: “All the easy to use features and adjustable settings make this a really practical pump.” 

“I pump about 60-80mls in a session, and she eats around 120ml so if I combine them into one bottle there’s more than enough. She can have an extra big feed and have some left over to put in her bath.” Nell

Having the Minbie feeding system protecting her breastfeeding journey has given Nell the freedom and flexibility to offer a bottle when she needs to and continue breastfeeding baby Mo without a hitch. Minbie has given dad Mark time to bond and the peace of mind that by feeding his little one with the Minbie teat, he’s helping her hone those instinctive breastfeeding skills ready for when Mama gets home. 

“When you have other commitments, it's handy to know you can make the bottle wherever you are!  It's nice to have flexibility and know she's going to be able to have a great feed when I’m not there.” Nell 

There are many reasons why pumping and offering a bottle may become part of your breastfeeding journey, hence it’s not always something you can plan for. However, if and when the time comes, it’s important to choose carefully. The Minbie pump works in tune with your body just as your baby does, whilst the Minbie teat encourages them to feed with a strong instinctive breastfeeding latch, both providing valuable practice for comfortable, more sustainable breastfeeding. When you choose Minbie, you're choosing to give your baby and your breastfeeding the very best. The Minbie Complete Package made it possible for Nell and Mark to share the feeding experience and support each other fully on this exciting journey.

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