How Minbie Can Help Babies with Tongue Tie: A Parent’s Guide

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How Minbie Can Help Babies with Tongue Tie: A Parent’s Guide

As parents, facing unexpected challenges is part of the journey, and dealing with a newborn's tongue tie diagnosis can be particularly overwhelming. Melbourne mum Lucy experienced this firsthand when her baby was diagnosed with an extreme tongue tie shortly after birth. However, Lucy found hope and support in the Minbie dummy, which played a pivotal role in transforming their breastfeeding journey.

Lucy’s Testimonial on Overcoming Tongue Tie Challenges

"As new parents, my partner and I were faced with the unexpected challenge of our newborn being diagnosed with an extreme tongue tie shortly after birth. This diagnosis posed a significant hurdle in our breastfeeding journey, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed.

Thankfully, we discovered the Minbie dummy, and it truly became a game-changer for us. Within a short amount of time using the Minbie dummy, we were absolutely blown away by the transformation in our baby’s latch and suck strength. Despite the difficulties posed by the tongue tie, our baby was able to latch onto the Minbie dummy with ease, displaying a remarkable improvement in feeding ability.

The design of the Minbie dummy proved to be instrumental in supporting our baby’s feeding development. Its unique shape and functionality helped our little one to latch properly, promoting a more efficient and effective suckling motion. Not only did this aid in feeding success, but it also alleviated much of the frustration and stress that often accompanies breastfeeding challenges.

Furthermore, the quality and durability of the Minbie dummy exceeded our expectations. It withstood the rigors of frequent use without showing signs of wear and tear, providing us with peace of mind knowing that our baby was using a safe and reliable product.

Overall, our experience with the Minbie dummy has been nothing short of life-changing. It not only helped us navigate the challenges presented by our baby’s tongue tie but also empowered us to enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding breastfeeding journey. We are immensely grateful for the positive impact that the Minbie dummy has had on our family and would wholeheartedly recommend it to other parents facing similar challenges." – Lucy, Melbourne Mum

The Minbie Difference for Babies with Tongue Tie

Orthodontic Design: At a glance, Minbie's orthodontic dummy is flatter and wider, distributing any contact on the upper gums more evenly. This design contrasts with the cherry-shaped dummies, which can cause misalignment of the front teeth and potentially lead to an overbite. By using an orthodontic dummy like Minbie, these issues can be prevented from the start​.

Improved Feeding Reflex: The unique shape of the Minbie dummy not only helps with soothing but also aids in strengthening your baby’s feeding reflex. This is particularly beneficial for babies with tongue ties, as it promotes better latch and suck strength​.

Safety and Comfort: Minbie's dummies are made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone, ensuring they are safe and comfortable for your baby. The one-piece design prevents hidden germs and makes the dummy easy to clean and sterilize, which is essential for maintaining hygiene​.

Innovative Shield and Handle Design: The shield is shallower on the upper lip, avoiding interference with breathing and making it suitable even for premature babies. The handle design allows for easy grasping, making it simpler for both parents and babies to hold​.

Testimonials from Other Parents on Minbie’s Effectiveness

"She took to it right away. It's lower under her nose than other dummies which means it doesn’t rub her nose." – Lauren

"My baby loves the Minbie dummy! I brought so many before she was born and with her being born early she was struggling with dummies but she attached to your dummy straight away! It has been a dream that’s for sure! Thank you." – Madison

"A lifesaver, they've been great, the only dummy he likes! The midwives at the hospital loved it too." – Courtney


For parents facing challenges with tongue tie or looking for a dummy that supports natural feeding and development, Minbie offers a solution that prioritizes both safety and effectiveness. The positive experiences of parents like Lucy highlight the transformative impact Minbie dummies can have, making them an invaluable tool in the early stages of your baby’s life.

If you’re looking to introduce a dummy to your newborn or an older baby needing help settling, choose Minbie first for peace of mind and support in your breastfeeding journey.

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