Considering giving up Breastfeeding because your breast pump is letting you down?? Read this first!!

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Let’s cut to the chase here! Motherhood is magical but it’s also full on! There’s no shame in admitting some days it’s down right relentless! The post birth discomfort, the exhaustion, the mess, the pumping schedule, the jobs piling up in the background! With so much going on, there’s no denying you need an effective breast pump that gives you freedom, flexibility and comfort. After struggling with other pumps, and almost giving up altogether, new mum Elissie invested in the Minbie hospital grade double breast pump, to help take back control and continue her breastfeeding journey, on her terms.



The Minbie breast pump gives breastfeeding mums like Elissie the ability to pump on the go, and to leave the house knowing there’s milk at home for bub when it’s needed. This pump has been created to complement breastfeeding and support mums by giving them the freedom & the power to choose what’s best for them and their baby. By adding the Minbie pump to her routine, Elissie has made sure she's comfortable, her feeding isn’t disrupted, bub is happy and her breastfeeding bond is protected. Minbie brings more than freedom and flexibility to routine, every product brings peace of mind to breastfeeding mummas.

“This makes it so easy because you’re comfortable while you’re doing it. With other pumps I had to use my hand, trying to breast pump. With this I don’t have to do that. It was the best decision I made to get it. It’s changed my life” Elissie


When choosing a breast pump there are many factors to take into consideration; comfort being key! Elissie had tried other brands, but struggled with painful, time consuming, impractical pumps! She dreamt of a comfortable pump that was portable & efficient, felt natural on the nipple, saved her time and didn't distract her from her bonding experience. Minbie’s soft silicone cups, long lasting battery, multiple settings & clear display instantly made this a reality!



Mum’s are busy, and when there's so much to get done in 24 hours, having an efficient pump that clearly shows you how long you’ve been pumping for is GOLD! Add the portability and Elissie has been able to pump where she chooses, extract more milk in less time, easily keep track of her pumping routine and therefore safely encourage her milk supply. She isn’t tethered to the wall or locked in the baby’s room, she's able to pump one breast or both, wherever she pleases, as and when she needs to in order to give her little one exactly what she needs. How's that for a flexible routine?

“You don’t need to be checking (the time) on your phone, you can just be feeding and bonding with your baby and you only have to look up to see how long you’ve been pumping. It’s so flexible, honestly, you can’t get that with any other breast pump” - Elissie


Stress plays a huge part in reducing the amount of breastmilk we produce, so it’s incredibly important to have a pump that comfortably works in tune with your body.  Elissie is no longer struggling with an ineffective pump causing her pain and discomfort. Since introducing the Minbie pump she's been happily enjoying expressing, and with this support, is keen to continue to breastfeed for as long as she possibly can.

“This pump has so many advantages - it makes life easy, not just for me but for the baby too” Elissie 


Yes it’s true Mumma! With Minbie, you’re in control of your feeding routine from day 1 and the Minbie Breast Pump gives you everything you need for a little extra support. Having the pump from birth means you can protect your breastfeeding journey by expressing comfortably and at your own pace as soon as you need to. 

Minbie allows you to offer a bottle without worrying about breast rejection, pump without pain and protect bub with effective sterilising & gentle warming of their milk. You can take a moment to yourself, you can ask for help, and you can take time to heal. Minbie gives all mums flexibility in feeding and the freedom to say ‘yes’ to the offer of help without delay. It is possible to breastfeed and offer a bottle from birth, and with the help of Minbie, your whole family can chip in, lend a hand and bond with your new baby. This is more than just a feeding system. This is a new, more flexible way of life for all Mummas.

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