Bottle and Breastfeeding Myths and Truths

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Bottle and Breastfeeding Myths and Truths

Having a baby is a time of happiness and excitement, but fear of the unknown can also play a part in your first experience of parenthood. Add to that a myriad of advice being thrown at you from every direction, and it can be an overwhelming time. Even something as simple as feeding your baby can become a contentious issue. We’ve sorted through some of the common feeding myths and truths, so you can cut straight to the facts about the breast and the bottle.

Feeding Myth: Breastfeeding is painful

Although at first breastfeeding might feel uncomfortable or foreign, and your nipples may become very tender, you should always seek advice if you’re experiencing pain. Pain during breastfeeding usually indicates an issue with your baby’s latch. A correct latch will be comfortable for you and your baby.

Did you know? Minbie bottles can actually help newborns to quickly develop the correct breastfeeding latch, situating their mother’s nipple correctly and comfortably.

Feeding Truth: Breast milk supports a baby’s immune system

It’s true that breast milk offers a host of benefits for your baby’s health. While formula is developed with all the nutrients required for each developmental stage, breast milk is a living substance that contains antibodies to fight infection and disease. If you or your baby become unwell, your breast milk responds with exactly what your baby needs to build up their immunity. 

Did you know? Even offering breast milk for a few short weeks gives your baby a head start in developing their immune system and digestive health.


Feeding Myth: Bottle feeding your baby will cause nipple confusion 

Nipple confusion is a bit of a dreaded term amongst breastfeeding mothers and it often stops new parents from experimenting with bottle feeding their baby. However, there are times when having the ability to bottle feed your child could make a huge difference, whether it’s to give your baby your expressed breastmilk, or to give a top up feed. Bottle feeding can also give mum a break or a longer sleep, or let dad bond with the baby, or allow you the option of returning to work while continuing to breastfeed when not at work. It’s really important to choose the correct bottle for your baby and their developmental stage, because many generic teats bear no relation to the breast and can affect your baby’s latch and feeding technique.

Did you know? Minbie bottle-teats protect your breastfeeding relationship by allowing your baby to practice a proper breastfeeding latch ready to go back onto the breast.


Feeding Truth: Night feeds are normal

Night feeds are an important part of your feeding relationship with your baby. Although it’s tiring, newborns especially require feeding every 3-4 hours, and prolactin, the hormone that tells your body to produce milk, is at its highest level during the night. Night feeds are therefore the best time for your body to replenish and boost your supply, as well as offering precious bonding time with your baby.

Did you know? Breast milk production responds to demand, so your body naturally makes the right amount for your baby’s needs. Expressing milk can help to maintain your supply.

Feeding Myth: Bottle feeding is the only way to know how much milk your baby is getting

While it’s true that you can measure exactly how much expressed milk or formula your baby takes from a bottle, it doesn’t mean that you have to exclusively bottle feed to keep your baby on track. Your doctor or nurse will weigh and measure your baby at each appointment, to make sure your baby is following the general curve of weight and height for their age and percentile. And, as long as your baby has plenty of wet nappies throughout the day, you know that they are getting the milk that they need.

Did you know? Expressing milk can give you an idea of your milk production, but it isn’t a reliable measure of your supply. Most mothers can produce the milk that their baby needs, so as long as your baby is growing well, you don’t need to worry, even if you don’t feel you can express a large amount.

Did you know? Minbie’s patented bottle-teats are specially shaped to support you with express breastmilk feeding while also protecting your mother-baby breastfeeding bond.

Feeding Truth: Breastfeeding is hard work

It’s a common misconception that lots of mums find breastfeeding a breeze. In fact, most mothers find breastfeeding difficult at first, for a variety of reasons, including the actual mechanics of getting the latch right, as well as the emotional factors and the fatigue associated with being the primary source of nutrition for the baby.

Did you know? Minbie’s patented bottle-teats are specially shaped to provide practice for babies to latch properly when breastfeeding.

If you would like more information on how Minbie bottles can support you and your family through your feeding journey, visit our website here, or contact us here.

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