Baby refusing the bottle? Learn how Heidi was finally able to get her baby onto the bottle.

Are you finding it difficult or even impossible to get your baby to feed from a bottle? Did you factor this in as one of the possibilities with caring for your newborn? If you are reading this and your response to the first question was yes and to the second that you hoped not, then you are among many!  How come babies can be so picky when it comes to feeding?!

Heidi found this to be so true with her son Noah who refused to bottle feed! She shares her experience: “Hi my name is Heidi and I just want to share a bit about our bottle feeding journey: 

We had a lot of problems initially trying to get Noah to take the bottle. We bought every single bottle... and he just wouldn’t take it and he would play with the teats he would use it as a chew toy and I got quite desperate!"

"I saw the  Minbie   ad actually on Facebook and although I was sceptical I decided to give it a go... and to my relief he basically took it straight away. It was amazing!” 

There are bottles and there are bottle nipples!

For many parents where breastfeeding has been established and continues to be the only form of feeding their baby, it is a balancing act because you are wanting to continue being a breastfeeding mother, but how do you then achieve this with mix-feeding? How do you achieve this when it is time to go back to work, or when there is some other pressing need to introduce a bottle?

Introducing a bottle to a happily breastfeeding baby is not easily achieved in the first 6+ months!  Many times it comes down to which bottle and nipple, but, it is particularly the nipple which is key. One baby may have no issues drinking from any bottle, while another will be very picky!  

As Heidi tells it,"I think it comes down to the shape of the Minbie teat. Noah sort of just knew exactly what to do with it. I don’t know it must be similar to my teat I guess!  He takes it straight away and I actually tried going back to other bottles and he won't take them. So it was just great, he loves  Minbie   and it basically allowed me to become a lot more independent in the way that he doesn't totally depend on me feeding him.”

“So my husband can put him to bed or anyone else looking after him which has given me a lot of freedom and has made me less anxious in the way that if something were to happen to me or my breastfeeding, he can be fed with a Minbie bottle and so yeah if you are wondering will that teat be able to help, I really would recommend it and as you can see even though he is getting a bit distracted he takes the Minbie and loves it…” 

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