Baby refusing bottle is a cause for anxiety for many parents...What to do

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Baby refusing the bottle is very relatable for many mums. But most only relate when it happens. How many of you factored bottle refusal in your baby planning? It is very likely that you are only now knowing that this is one of the things to expect. We pretty much take it for granted that when we add baby bottles to our shower registry all that would be needed is sterilising then all is set. One of the unsaid reality that many are only initiated into when the rite of parenthood has been gained is bottle refusal.

Heidi got her initiation when her son Noah refused to bottle feed, she shared her experience: “Hi my name is Heidi and this is Noah. Noah is 6 months old, I just wanted to share a bit about our bottle feeding journey.” 

“We had a lot of problems initially trying to get Noah to take the bottle we bought every single bottle in every single store and he just wouldn’t take it and he would play with the teats he would use it as a chew toy and I got quite desperate" Imagine a situation like this, can you not feel the effect this was having on her? This is not a simple want her issue was a need. 

"I saw the Minbie ad actually on Facebook  and although I was sceptical I decided to give it a go and he basically took it straight away.”

The bottle that makes the difference

Heidi  learned that bottle feeding is a road paved with many obstacles that may not be easily overcome. Some babies will work with any bottle offered, while others are not so easy to please. Therefore, a major factor to keep in mind is the right bottle to use; many times it comes down to the bottle. Interestingly it also varies from baby to baby even if they share the same parents. One may be smooth sailing while the other is not. Thus the need to find a teat that is similar in shape and feel to the breast nipple. If the variation is too far off it puts them off their pattern making it too difficult for them to feed in comfort. As Heidi tells it Noah was eventually settled because of the teat it was close to what he knew:

“It was amazing and I think it comes down to the shape of the teat. He sort of just knew exactly what to do with it. I don’t know it must be similar to my teat I guess.  He takes it straight away and I actually tried going back to other bottles and he won't take them. So it was just great he loves Minbie and it basically allowed me  to become a lot more independent in the way that he doesn't totally depend on me feeding him.”

Heidi had real anxieties of her baby’s total dependence on exclusively breastfeeding. Parents don’t want to leave their children but this can and do happen. Time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all thus the need for being in readiness of this occurrence. Parents need the assurance of the bottle option to prepare for the unforeseen.

“So my husband can put him to bed or anyone else looking after him which has given me a lot of freedom and has made me less anxious in the way that if something were to happen to me or my breastfeeding that he can be fed with a bottle and so yeah if you are wondering will that teat be able to go  I really would recommend it and as you can see even though he is getting a bit distracted he takes it and loves it…” For more on bottle feeding for new dads click to get tips.

Bottle refusal may not be viewed as too much of a problem once a baby is breastfeeding well. It is a very real problem for parents in the situation. As explained by Heidi it creates anxiety and a feeling of desperation if one’s baby is only dependent on the breast always being there. Breasts are not detachable they are a permanent fixture on mums who for many reasons may not be available.

The search can end here

If you are searching for a suitable bottle for your bottle refuser maybe we can help. Speak with us here on chat we are here to assist with any questions you may have on breast and bottle feeding.




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