Are you master of your mum time?

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Are you master of your own time? I am sure you have heard countless times that we can be the master of our own time-- that it is possible to do this if we achieve our life goals. More often than not, those goals are doing what we love in the way that we want. Here is the reality: even if you achieve those, your time is still relative to you being master over it. Your boss owns the time that you are paid for, and if you are your own boss your clients own the time you work on tasks or projects related to the job. The point of this is?


Parents are not the owner of their time: work, family, household duties all take a share of the time. Yes, you can prioritise and you can put everything in their place, but they still require time. How much more so if you are a breastfeeding-pumping-bottlefeeding-mum. That is the point of the paragraph above. Parents are not master over their time, thus, they have to find ways and means to make things work. It’s called juggling.

Are you a working mum? Do you have the luxury of breastfeeding your baby wherever and whenever your baby needs a feed? Can you put your client on hold while you whip out your breast or can you put your customers on pause while you pump your baby’s daily ration? If not the option of a bottle is key to managing your time in the family and at work.

If you think what I am saying is just fluff read what Jodie had to say when her son would not take a bottle: “Before Minbie, we had tried at least 4 other different brands of the bottle. We tried before nap after nap, mum, dad, grandma; bub just refused. It’s like he didn’t know what to do. He was chewing the teat and then eventually would start crying and become frustrated we would both end up being annoyed and he was very hungry.” The rational thinking here would be to just give him the breast then, problem solved. But would that really solve the problem? Not by any means. She explains why.


Two weeks out from me going back to work,” Pause here. Notice she said ‘two weeks out from going back to work.’  Does that sound like someone who was master over her own time? You can nod your head in agreement, or even reflect on your own need for needing a bottle. It may be work. You may have an important date coming up and your baby can’t accompany you. Perish the thought but you may even have health issues that are forcing you to substitute your baby’s feed. There are just so many things that come into play which necessitate the need for a baby bottle. People may even judge you for giving your wee little one a bottle so early. Life is not lived in the world of the perfect where everything is charted on the course of complete and utter freedom of time and governance and having it all. The facts have to be faced: A working mum is a reality.


Solution: a substitute that will make it possible to do both breast and bottle feeding. If you want your baby to stick with the breast even though you are substituting the feeding with a bottle do it safely with Minbie.

We will tell you how if you want more on this, just jump on over to our chat box and chat with a mum. Who knows it may be me as I am in once or twice a week to talk, ask for Tricia or email me at and I will give you the one on one of baby feeding.



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