Feeding expressed breastmilk on demand saved Minbie Mum Ania's breastfeeding journey

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Get ready Mama! In the early days of parenthood you’ll be feeding your little one every 2-4 hours! Yes, every 2-4 hours!! That’s a lot of feeding and a painful amount of interrupted sleep! Add a little nipple confusion, colic or even reflux and it’s a whole new exhausting experience! You’re going to need a great deal of stamina, a willing partner to share the work and an incredible baby bottle that will reward you with the freedom to be able to hand over whenever and wherever you need to. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your baby so make sure you're ready with the right tools and you'll always be able to accept help when it’s offered (or needed) without harming your breastfeeding journey.



Meet new parents Ania & Dario. They were all set for the regular feeding and even the lack of sleep, however, like lots of new families, they weren't prepared for the distress that nipple confusion and a very hungry baby would bring. 

Ania had a reduced milk supply which led to little Lara being dangerously hungry. After days of struggling to feed her baby via syringe Ania found Lara was then unable to successfully latch onto the breast. With a starving baby and a very determined but distressed mum, dad knew exactly what to do! Despite Mum's worry that she’d never get Lara back on the breast, Dario took the reins and trusted the support that the Minbie PPSU Bottle offered.

Thankfully the Minbie bottle and it’s revolutionary anti-reflux and anti-colic teats offer superior protection of the mother-baby breastfeeding bond. Baby’s who feed from our bottles practice a proper, comfortable breastfeeding latch for direct-latch breastfeeding (best for your baby's immunity). This unique bottle and teat design is what enabled baby Lara to feed successfully whilst also practicing her latch so that she could return to the breast without a hitch! 

"She took the bottle straight up. There was no nipple confusion!! As soon as I gave her the bottle I could swap again to the breast and back to the bottle, the perfect trip, no stress!" Ania

 Despite our very best intentions, sometimes, breastfeeding comes with its challenges. Whilst issues such as a reduced milk supply, nipple confusion, tongue tie or a difficult labour has meant many mothers have ended their breastfeeding journey before starting, it simply doesn’t have to be the case anymore. 

Having the Minbie Premium PPSU Bottle Bundle delivered before baby Lara was born, meant that Ania & Dario had everything on hand, ready to go when they needed it. Regardless of the fact that Ania was determined to exclusively breastfeed, she knew that it would be smart to be prepared just in case, and it paid off. Without these bottles Ania, like thousands of other mums, may well have had to end her breastfeeding journey before it had begun. 



Designed to eliminate stress & confusion

The Minbie teat has been designed to make seamless switching between breast and bottle possible by maintaining those inbuilt, instinctive feeding techniques. This means that if like Ania and Dario you have to offer your little one a bottle at any stage of your feeding journey, you won’t be waving goodbye to breastfeeding. Instead, you’ll be supporting your feeding journey, allowing your baby to feed just as they do on the breast, giving them time to thrive and seamlessly return to mama as soon as is physically possible.

“Also what I notice is that she is not lazy feeding. She actually has to move her jaws and do the movement. I think that helps her feed on the breast.” Ania 

What's in the box?

Inside the Premium PPSU Bottle Bundle that helped Ania & Dario, you will find all the bottles and teats your family will need for your baby's entire feeding journey. These incredible teats will enhance and protect your little ones' perfect latch for breastfeeding whilst aiding digestion and reducing the symptoms associated with colic and reflux. The varying flow means that there is a teat for every stage of feeding, making sure your baby is working for their milk as they do on the breast, preventing lazy feeding. Our ergonomic PPSU bottles make the whole bottle feeding experience easy & more importantly safe. BPA free and incredibly durable, the Minbie PPSU bottle takes away the worries associated with plastic. 

Minbie is here for your baby and also for you. Bringing Minbie into your home gives you peace of mind, the opportunity to free yourself up, give yourself some well deserved time and allow others to take the reins without introducing any stress or confusion to your breastfeeding. 

If you want to give yourself and your baby the best start, check out the Minbie Shop today!


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