3 reasons not to use standard teats

There are many reasons why breastfeeding Mums may need a little help every now and again. Whether you’re struggling to get breastfeeding started, trying to introduce a bottle so you can return to work or your baby has decided she prefers the bottle over mama, Minbie can help!

We’re going to focus on three issues that standard teats can quickly cause which are harmful for breastfeeding. 

Issue #1 Nipple-Confusion

Is your baby reluctant to breastfeed? Do they prefer to bottle feed instead? Nipple-confusion is more common than you think and boy is it disheartening! Luckily, Minbie is helping many mums and bubs overcome nipple confusion with our award winning bottle feeding system! 

Standard bottle-teats easily cause Nipple-Confusion

Sadly, the standard bottle-teats you can buy in any pharmacy don't have the ability to replicate the way babies should best feed on the breast so they create the risk of nipple-confusion, particularly for premature and postnatal babies. 

You only have to browse the aisles of any store selling baby bottles to see that virtually all bottle teats have a ‘standard’ round shape. With these generic teats, babies can extract the milk with ease, they don't have to work for the feed. They feed with a relatively simplistic technique which makes sustaining breastfeeding not an easy road for either of you! 

Minbie protects the mother-baby breastfeeding bond from nipple-confusion

Minbie is a new technology!  We advise using Minbie as the first bottle to avoid the problems of nipple-confusion in the first place. When babies feed from the Minbie, they're practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle-memory. They’re practicing to latch properly onto the breast and to work for the feed with their complex (and incredibly special) peristaltic breastfeeding technique. This exact technique is what evolution provided for our babies, for their very survival, because it nurtures mum's milk supply. 

Best bottle!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
My 3week old has struggled with nipple confusion, trouble latching on from day 1 and every bottle or pacifier we tried just frustrated her and made breastfeeding a little harder. The first time we tried our Minbie bottle she took to it as if I were feeding her! I immediately continued the feeding by breast and she transitioned beautifully. It's amazing! We will never use another bottle! - Crystal.M.

Issue #2 Lazy-Feeding 

Whilst standard bottle teats may look a little like a breast, they don’t provide the same feeding experience; far from it. When babies take these teats into their mouths, they don’t need to use their instinctive technique to feed. Standard teats make it incredibly easy for babies to extract milk with little effort, which is why they can quickly become ‘lazy-feeders!’ Lazy feeding is easy feeding and it also isn’t good for your little one’s digestive system. So, if you're keen to protect your breastfeeding journey, the last thing you want is a lazy feeder in your arms! 

Minbie prevents lazy-feeding

We created the Minbie so when your baby feeds, extracting the milk from a Minbie teat, they’re latched properly and working for the feed. This is very good practice for breastfeeding and supports their ability to nurture their mother's milk-supply for the longer-term. This is how our teat supports your mother-baby breastfeeding bond and how Minbie can help you continue breastfeeding, hopefully for as long as you wish. 

No more lazy feeding ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Our 6 week prem baby who is now 6 weeks old was becoming a lazy feeder using the bottles the hospital sent us home with and would stop latching on the breast without a nipple shield. We decided to try Minbie bottles and they have made such a huge difference to feeding. Thank You!! - Regan.A.

Issue #3 Weak-Latch

Unfortunately, standard bottle-teats can cause your baby to have a weak latch. These generic bottle-teats feed the baby easily without bub having to latch strongly - which inadvertently can all too quickly weaken their latch! Babies who have a weak latch struggle to latch onto the breast effectively enough to be able to sustain breastfeeding for the long term. 

Unlike any other teat ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘We love the Minbie teat! My daughter required oral-motor therapy due to a very weak suckling ability, she would latch onto the breast but wouldn't be able to fully extract milk. This teat was unlike any I had ever seen and after going to the website and further investigating I ordered the Minbie teat. Our speech therapist absolutely loves the design and we believe that along with general growing and maturing the Minbie has helped my daughter develop stronger muscles and the ability to nurse better. We use the Minbie when we give her supplement feedings after breastfeeding. I have given the pamphlet included in our shipment to our speech therapist in hopes that someone else may find help with the Minbie teat- Andrea.N.

Minbie nurtures a proper strong breastfeeding latch

Minbie provides practice for bub to feed with a proper strong breastfeeding latch, where the nipple is correctly situated and comfortably sealed - just as it should be for more sustainable breastfeeding! 

Our correct latch teats can help you to maintain a successful breastfeeding journey, reduce the risk of colic & reflux, and give you more freedom!


Choosing the right baby bottle is not only important for the health and development of your little one, it’s also crucial for peace of mind. When you choose Minbie, you’re choosing to give your baby and your breastfeeding the very best start.

 Julia Wilson, Minbie Co-Founder

If you have any questions about how Minbie can help your breastfeeding journey, chat now to one of our 24/7 customer care team.