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3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack
3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack


3P Paced Feeding, 2 Teat Pack

support your breastfeeding bond and prevent lazy feeding.

2 teats: 3p paced flow

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3p paced feeding

every baby deserves to feed in a way that is optimal for them, and thankfully minbie’s miracle bottle teats are exactly what your baby needs because babies feed with their instinctive breastfeeding technique. unlike standard bottle teats, minbie's unique functionality allows a baby to feed with the same feeding technique that is best for breastfeeding. This not only supports the mother-baby breastfeeding bond by providing practice for a comfortable latch, it also supports a baby's natural jaw development. If your 3 to 6 month-old is learning to pace the feed from a bottle, then the Minbie 3p teat is a good place to start. exceptionally anti-reflux and anti-colic.

why our nipples

unlike other nipples, minbie's unique, patented design protects breastfeeding making it ideal for parents who want the freedom to introduce a bottle that won't take over from the breast. the unique shape of our teat supports your baby to continue feeding using the same instinctive technique they use on the breast, protecting from nipple confusion, lazy feeding, colic & reflux.

how minbie helps your miracle

• the shape of our 3p paced teat helps to prevent lazy feeding and confusion 

• supports good digestion and is gentle on the palate and gums

• protects your long-term breastfeeding success by giving you the freedom to have a break when you need one without risk to bub's latch

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Review Highlights

Closest to the real thing

when i first saw the minbie nipple, it was nothing like I had seen before! however after using the product i can confidently say it's the closest thing to offering my son milk from the breast. the design of the nipple requires him to work for the feed, and rather than guzzle a bottle and end up full of gas, he drinks slowly and calmly. i would certainly recommend this product to moms of newborns who want to mixed feed and maintain a strong and healthy breastfeeding relationship

- vanessa

loved It

overall this nipple was awesome! the shape and texture is great and a lot more 'life like' than other bottle nipples. my daughter took to it straight away! i'm always a bit concerned about confusing my baby with a nipple and don't want her to stop feeding from the breast.. the minbie nipple was the answer!

- jaimie

my 3 week old took to it straight away

the minbie newborn nipple has been fantastic for us. i'm breastfeeding but wanted to introduce a bottle so i could express and have my husband or another caregiver feed my baby to give me an early night or some time to myself. my 3 week old took to it straight away while continuing to happily breast feed. no issues with either bottle or breast refusal for us with minbie! highly recommend this fantastic bottle.

- kari


Nurtures breastfeeding

the meticulous design of our teat nurtures your babies instinctive breastfeeding technique.

Strengthens bonds

bonding over bottle feeds with the peace of mind your breastfeeding relationship is preserved.

Anti-reflux & anti-colic

the unique contours and venting system of our patented teat design help prevent reflux & colic.

Protects your baby

babies who feed from minbie are practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle-memory helping to avoid nipple confusion and lazy latching.

revolutionary nipple design
revolutionary nipple design
other teats
nurtures instinctive breastfeeding latch


strengthens breastfeeding coordination


avoids nipple confusion


replicates instinctive breastfeeding motion


supports good digestion


helps reduce reflux and colic


trains breastfeeding muscle-memory


gently contours palate and gums


prevent lazy feeding

paced flow teats

the shape and flow of our teat mean adelle's daughter feeds just the right amount with the correct feeding action.


reviews by minbie mum and dads

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