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The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package
The Complete Package

newborn essentials

The Complete Package

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free wearable breast pump

for a limited time, we're including our brand new wearable breast pump for free with this complete package. smarter, slimmer, quieter, more comfortable & powerful than ever.

- 5 sizes to get the right fit out of the box. Size 25mm soft silicone shield, with converters: 22mm, 20mm, 18mm and 16mm

- the motor sits within the shell making it more discrete than other wearables

- more powerful than other wearables (up to 225mmHg vacuum pressure) means more milk in less time

- softer silicone cups better fit your body for greater comfort 

- closed system with fewer parts making it easier to clean, sterilise & assemble

- easy to transfer your milk directly to a bottle or storage bag

- lightweight at only 260g

- choice of modes to help your supply - massage, lactation, umping and bionic

- long lasting lithium battery gives 2-3 hours of pumping time or 4-6 pumping sessions between charges. USB-C charging

- so simple and easy to use, an app is not required

hospital grade breast pump

- dual motors so you can pump with different strengths on each side simultaneously

- handbag-sized weighing only 610g for mums on the run - half the weight of our older model.

- pump anywhere anytime with over 2.5 hours of battery life

- hospital grade vacuum suction strength up to 270mmHg on each side 

- convenient USB-C charging only needs 1.5 hours to be fully charged

- intuitive backlit LED display for easy use day or night

- agile expression & stimulation modes to perfectly tune to your body

- save your favourite setting as a preset

- wide-flange, one-piece silicone shields for greater comfort and hygiene

- 3 cup sizes included to ensure a comfortable fit out of the box

- hygienic closed system where you pump straight into a bottle without the worry of transferring the milk, preserving your liquid gold

- few parts for easy assembling, washing, sterilising & drying

- everything you need for efficient double pumping comfortably on the go

steam steriliser & dryer

this time saving, large capacity minbie steriliser kills 99.9% harmful germs and doubles as a dryer, easing your worry & your workload with the touch of a button! protecting your baby using only natural steam, this steriliser allows you to ‘sterilise & dry’ in one cycle or use the separate functions depending on how your day’s going. designed with style and functionality in mind, the handy backlit display makes this unit easy to use day or night and the ‘auto switch off’ function gives peace of mind, allowing you to literally 'set and forget!' yes, you can wake up to clean, dry, sterile bottles ready to feed your precious little one. 

multiple storage trays hold up to 9 bottles and accessories, so nipples, pump parts and pacifiers can be sterilised together and, on super busy days when you just can’t find the time, can remain sterile for 24 hours (if the unit is unopened). minbie’s clean air filters and leak-proof design keep your countertops as dry as your bottles and the optional timer lets you know exactly when the cycle is complete. If only it cooked dinner too right?

bottles & teats

unlike other bottle teats, our unique patented design protects breastfeeding making it ideal if you want the freedom to introduce a bottle that won't take over from the breast. the unique shape of our teat supports your baby to continue feeding using the same instinctive technique they use on the breast, protecting from nipple confusion, lazy feeding, colic & reflux. we've included 16 teats in 8 different flow rates to match your babies oral development. our ppsu bottles are the safest material for your baby's feed due to its significantly higher heat resistance compared to regular bottles. with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 180°C without any deformation or release of toxic substances, these lightweight and ergonomic bottles are nontoxic, bpa-free and easy to clean. the easy to read embossed measurements won't fade making these longer lasting. ppsu gives you the clarity of glass without the weight and worry of breakage.

bottle warmer

quickly & gently warm your breastmilk to body temperature in 10 minutes, ensuring vital nutrients are preserved. warming breast milk up to 40 degrees celsius will preserve the beneficial probiotic bacteria, anti-inflammatory components, nutritional and immunological properties that support a baby's ability to metabolise the milk. with a real-time digital temperature display, you can clearly see the temperature of your milk as it heats up. simply pour water into the base, place your milk bottle in, turn it on, and enjoy milk at the right temperature ready to go whenever your baby is ready to feed, keeping your milk stable at room temperature for up to 3 hours. say “goodbye” to the worry of lost nutrients from fast overheating and “hello” to our new bottle warmer.

mini uv steriliser

is your baby constantly dropping their dummy? our new mini uv steriliser comes to the rescue, using four ozone-free, mercury-free uvc leds to ensure your baby's dummy is germ-free in just 59 seconds, whether you're at home or on the go. exceptional disinfection efficiency: our compact steriliser not only works wonders on dummies but also on bottle teats, teethers, airpods, keys, and other small items that may come in contact with the ground. it achieves an impressive 99.99% sterilisation rate, and it's even designed to accommodate two dummies at once, making it ideal for parents of twins. convenient and travel-ready: our mini uv steriliser is not only powerful but also portable. it features a built-in usb rechargeable battery that can last 2-3 weeks on the 59-second disinfection mode, making it perfect for your on-the-go needs. plus, it comes with a handy strap, so you can easily attach it to your pram or nappy bag when you're out and about.

what’s included

Bottles & Teats:

- 3 x 210ml premium PPSU bottles

- 3 x 270ml premium PPSU bottles

- 2 x 0+ extra slow flow teats

- 2 x 1+ slow flow teats

- 2 x 3P paced flow teats

- 2 x 3+ medium flow teats

- 2 x 6P paced flow teats

- 4 x 6+ fast flow teats

- 2 x 9+ months advanced flow teats

Breast Pump:

- 1 x hospital grade double breast pump, 6 x soft silicone cups in 3 different sizes, (2x 21mm, 2x 25mm and 2x 29mm), 1 x sizing card to help you select the cup size, 2 x outer breast flanges, 2 x diaphragms, 2 x white caps (seals diaphragm), 4 x tubes, 6 x tube connectors, 2 x 180ml bottles for collecting milk and storing), 2 x bottle caps. 2 x dust covers for cups, 1 x rechargeable lithium battery (enclosed in pump) & 1 x charging cord

Steam Steriliser:

- ceramic heat place, powerful drying unit, 2 stainless steel trays & lid

Bottle Warmer:

- upper cover, basket and base unit

Mini UV Steriliser


- 2 x dummies & handy carry case with handle for on the go

shipping & warranty

- fast free shipping

- 1 year warranty on our breast pump, steriliser & portable warmer

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Your feeding journey


express on the go

slimmer, quieter, more comfortable & powerful, our new wearable empowers you to express more on the go.


more milk in less time

hospital grade independent motors for different pumping strengths either side. 3 soft silicone cup sizes included for greater comfort.


Protect your breastmilk

quickly & gently warm your breastmilk to body temperature in 10 minutes, ensuring vital nutrients are preserved.


protect your breastfeeding bond

our award-winning aussie teat design trains your baby to latch perfectly to the breast and draw-out your breast milk, helping to prevent nipple confusion & lazy feeding.


Keep your family healthy

kill 99.9% of harmful germs with natural steam, then dry your bottles completely with the most powerful dryer in market.


Soothe & Calm

our anti-reflux orthodontic dummy gently strengthens your baby's swallowing reflex & takes pressure off the gums helping to soothe & calm.


one minute steriliser

kill 99.9% of harmful germs in 60 seconds that with our portable uv steriliser.

nurture breastfeeding


comfortably nurture your baby's breastfeeding ability with the calm and flexibility provided by our complete feeding system.


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