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Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle
Bottle & Steriliser Bundle

protect your baby

Bottle & Steriliser Bundle

eliminate 99.9% of germs & dry your bottles - save $50 & free shipping

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protect your baby

remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viral pathogens to keep baby healthy with our all-in-one large capacity steam steriliser and clean-air dryer. created with a contemporary countertop design using BPA free materials, the minbie steriliser uses high-temperature steam and dry-air technology to protect baby from any hazardous remnants on their bottles & teats. it has an easy to use backlit display with settings to sterilise & dry, sterilise only, or dry only. we’ve also included a safety power function to auto-switch off when complete, which makes it convenient and safe to wake up to clean, sterilised bottles which remain sterile for up to 24hours when the lid is kept closed. the minbie steriliser does all the work for you: multiple storage trays hold up to 9 bottles PLUS teats, pump parts and dummies at one time, and an easy to clean teflon heating plate gives you back precious time. there’s no need to wipe down bottles following a cycle, thanks to the clean-air filters and the advanced leak-proof construction that makes sure your countertops remain as dry as your bottles. a quiet motor won’t disturb any nearby nappers while you sterilise, and a countdown timer lets you know when the cycle is complete. This is what hassle-free sterilising was meant to be.

new & improved steriliser

as new parents, keeping your baby healthy is a top priority. that's why we're excited to introduce our new steam steriliser & dryer, designed with your little one's wellbeing in mind.

our latest model has been enhanced in every way possible, providing you with the best possible features for sterilising and drying your baby's feeding items. with a more robust and powerful drying function, our steriliser completely dries your bottles within a matter of minutes, so you can get back to caring for your baby as soon as possible.

we've also upgraded the steriliser's interior with a new non-stick teflon heat plate and premium stainless steel trays to ensure the ultimate hygiene standards. plus, our steriliser boasts an even larger capacity in both the bottle and accessories section, making it easier than ever to clean all of your baby's feeding essentials in one go.

we believe that our new steriliser is the ultimate solution for keeping your baby's feeding items safe and hygienic, making it the rolls-royce of sterilisers. trust us to help you keep your little one healthy and happy.

ppsu bottles & teats

our high quality silicone teats have been carefully designed to match the way newborns want and need to feed on the breast removing the risk of weak or incorrect latching & lazy feeding. babies who feed using the correct flow minbie teat are much less likely to overfeed or swallow excess air, making the whole feeding experience less problematic and more successful. our safe high heat resistant, highly durable ppsu bottles are the highest quality you'll find for feeding your little one; pair them with the minbie teat and your family have a five star feeding system. 


•steriliser & dryer 

•2 x 210ml PPSU bottles

•2 x 0+ extra slow flow teats

•2 x 1+ slow flow teats

•2x 3p paced flow teats

•2x 3+ medium flow teats

features, shipping & warranty

  • weight - 2.5kg
  • dimensions - 285*265*355MM
  • larger capacity 9 bottles + accessories (our old steriliser had 6)
  • uses natural steam to kill 99.9% of germs without chemicals in just 5 minutes
  • completely dries your bottles within 40 minutes
  • BPA Free
  • removable stainless steel trays for easy loading and cleaning
  • backlit display for nighttime use
  • multiple settings: Storage mode (keeps everything sterilised up to 24 hours with the lid shut) sterilise only, dry only, sterilise & dry
  • timer counts down to cycle completion
  • auto power-off functionality for added safety
  • air filter for complete cleanliness 
  • teflon nonstick heating plate
  • keeps contents sterile for up to 24 hours after cycle completion with storage mode that repeats the drying cycle every 2 hours
  • quiet motor
  • sleek, modern countertop design
  • works with most brands and different-size bottles
  • fast free shipping included
  • 1 year warranty
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Keep Your Baby Healthy



before 6 months old your baby’s tummy is extra vulnerable to pathogens and bacteria that can quickly grow when bottles, utensils, and dummies aren’t sterilised properly. the minbie steriliser & dryer uses an ultra hygienic steam and clean-air drying process to remove 99.9% of harmful germs, while keeping your countertops dry, avoiding dangerous mold and mildew - all in just 5 minutes.


Complete Drying

it is vital that after steam sterilisation occurs your bottles are dried completely. other sterilisers on the market do not dry your bottles very well leaving them vulnerable to bacteria regrowth. our steriliser has the most powerful drying function on the market ensuring that your bottles are completely dry within 40 minutes.



it’s not just bottles that can carry harmful bacteria; eating utensils, pacifiers and breast pump parts should all be sterilised regularly, and the minbie steam steriliser & dryer has room for all your baby feeding gear. the large capacity with multiple trays allow you to sterilise up to 6 bottles PLUS accessories all at once.


Quiet Motor & Non Stick Heat Plate

non-stick teflon means that you will not have the descale this unit regularly like other units require you to. the quiet motor will ensure no sleeping angels are disturbed.


LESS TIME CLEANING, means more family time

most sterilisers leave a wet residue on bottles and utensils, requiring an additional step of hand-drying before use. the minbie steriliser & dryer combines a clean air filter with advanced steam technology to thoroughly dry everything you sterilise - while preventing unwanted puddles on your countertop. save even more time by sterilising overnight; the auto power switch safely shuts off once your cycle is complete, and bottles remain sterilised for up to 24 hours.

9 bottle capacity, fast drying

Steriliser & Dryer

what sets our new steriliser apart is the powerful drying function that completely dries your bottles within 40 minutes.


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