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3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
Premium PPSU 3 Month+ Bundle Minbie AU
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle
Premium PPSU 3 Month+ Bundle Minbie AU
3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle

bottles and nipples

3-9 Month PPSU Bottle Bundle

nourish your baby and protect your breastfeeding bond.

8 teats: 2x 3p paced, 2x 3+ medium, 2x 6p paced & 2x 6+ fast flow

3 bottles: 2x 210ml and 1x 270ml premium ppsu

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about this bundle

whether your baby is transitioning from bassinet to cot, swaddle to sleeping bag or lying to rolling, the transition from breastfeeding to bottle need not be a one-way street. our 3-9 month bundle brings you our signature teat with various flow speeds. our teat is known to reduce the severity of colic, reflux and lazy-feeding as they work for the feed encouraging a similar latching motion to your baby’s already established breastfeeding latch. minbie supports you to establish balance in your life, be it time to nurture your bond with your other children, taking a nap to revitalize yourself or reigniting your creativity with some time to yourself. 

How it helps your miracle

  • baby practices breastfeeding technique, to welcome you home for the real thing
  • prevent lazy feeding and nipple confusion
  • protect your long-term nursing success by giving yourself a break when you need one

why our teats

no other bottle feeding system offers such similarity to the breastfeeding experience. minbie offers your baby a feeding experience that nurtures their instinctive breastfeeding latch, replicates the breastfeeding motion, preventing reflux & colic. our teat encourages your baby to feed with their instinctive breastfeeding latch, providing valuable practice for comfortable breastfeeding. when you choose minbie, you're choosing to give your baby and your breastfeeding the very best start. a choice of 4 flow rates helps to match your babies development slowing down the feed, preventing lazy feeding.

safer ppsu bottles

ppsu is the safest material for your baby's feed due to its significantly higher heat resistance compared to regular baby bottles. with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 180°C without any deformation or release of toxic substances, these lightweight and ergonomic bottles are nontoxic, bpa-free and easy to clean. the easy to read embossed measurements won't fade making these longer lasting. ppsu gives you the clarity of glass without the weight and worry of breakage.

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Nurtures breastfeeding

the meticulous design of our teat nurtures your babies instinctive breastfeeding technique.

Strengthens bonds

bonding over bottle feeds with the peace of mind your breastfeeding relationship is preserved.

Anti reflux & colic

the unique contours and venting system of our patented teat design help prevent reflux & colic.

Protects your baby

babies who feed from minbie are practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle-memory helping to avoid nipple confusion and lazy latching.

our premium ppsu bottle

clearly better


much higher heat resistance for safer sterilisation. tested safe from BPA, BPS, bisphenol’s, estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free).


dropped or thrown, it has a much greater shatter resistance than any other plastic or glass; and it won’t warp or crack in the dishwasher.


looks like glass, until you drop it.
a clear, safe plastic that retains its gloss even after plenty of times in the dishwasher.





 image  image

benefits you’ll love


unique breastfeeding teat provides practice for comfortable, direct-latch breastfeeding helping prevent mastitis.


minbie’s anti colic valve and unique latch design helps prevent your little one taking in too much air, resulting in a more comfortable tummy and more restful sleep.


when used as the first and only bottle, minbie’s unique teat allows your baby to feed just as they do on the breast. no other bottle offers this! generic teats can cause confusion so choose minbie first!


a higher heat resistance than regular bottles makes new PPSU the safest, most durable bottle you’ll find.

revolutionary teat design
revolutionary teat design
other teats
nurtures instinctive breastfeeding latch


strengthens breastfeeding coordination


avoids nipple confusion


replicates instinctive breastfeeding motion


supports good digestion


helps reduce reflux and colic


trains breastfeeding muscle-memory


gently contours palate and gums


the only bottle that worked

kate, new mum

'after trying every bottle on the market, we ordered minbie and she took it the first time. my husband loves feeding her now too.'


reviews by minbie mum and dads

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