Breastfeeding instinctive newborn feeding motion, the best for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding motion

Newborns are born with an “instinctive feeding motion”. It is a forwards-back motion that relies on a good latch-on.

This is the best feeding motion for breastfeeding and the best for helping to bring saliva enzymes to the newborn’s stomach to digest the nourishment in the milk.

Minbie teat instinctive newborn feeding motion, the best to supplement breastfeeding

Minbie baby bottle teat

Newborns can feed with the “instinctive feeding motion” like from the breast.

Benefits of the Minbie bottle teat
Introduce Minbie bottle teat to newborns in the first 6 weeks if feeding expressed breast milk or infant formula – to help maintain your newborn’s “instinctive feeding motion” for breastfeeding and to help with your newborn’s digestion of the goodness in the milk.

Traditional “learned feeding motion” not the best for newborns or breastfeeding

Traditional baby bottle teat

The teat shape introduces a new “vertical feeding motion”.

Newborns quickly learn and adopt the new feeding motion unfortunately reducing their ability to apply the “instinctive feeding motion” to breastfeeding.
The learned “vertical feeding motion” is not the best for breastfeeding nor for a newborn’s digestion.

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