1+ Slow Flow, 2 Teat Pack


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Suitable for newborns when the Minbie extra-slow teat is too slow, often from 1 month.  This slow teat suits some babies beyond the first 3 months.  Anti-Reflux. Anti-Colic. Minbie’s breakthrough breastfeeding latch & motion helps to develop breastfeeding strength and coordination.  


  • 2x 1+ Slow Flow Teats
  • Storage pod for easy and hygienic storage and transportation.  It can be sterilised. It is durable and recyclable  


  • Use Minbie as the first and only bottle-teat to avoid confusing your baby's precious instinctive breastfeeding technique in the first place (in those first few days, weeks and months)
  • Your newborn's instinctive breastfeeding technique is designed by nature for your baby's natural development and for breastfeeding - Minbie's functionality is breakthrough in supporting this technique 
  • Regular use may assist to strengthen your newborn’s precious proper comfortable breastfeeding­ latch & motion 
  • Supports a baby's natural development

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