0+ Extra Slow, 2 Teat Pack


Suitable for pre-term and full-term newborns. Anti-Reflux. Anti-Colic. Supports newborns to learn to latch properly when breastfeeding. Minbie’s breakthrough breastfeeding latch & motion develops breastfeeding strength and coordination.  


  • 2 x Extra Slow Flow Teats
  • Storage pod for easy and hygenic transportation
  • Offers exceptional support at the post-­natal stage for mother and baby while the mother’s milk is coming through
  • Patented design allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding-action as breastfeeding, avoiding nipple-confusion
  • Protects and strengthens your newborn’s instinctive breastfeeding­ motion and latch
  • Helps release digestive enzymes for a happy tummy and sleep

Collections: Teats

Type: Bottle Teat