3 Months + Bundle
3 Months + Bundle
3 Months + Bundle
3 Months + Bundle
3 Months + Bundle
3 Months + Bundle

3 Months + Bundle

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A good bottle feeding setup is crucial if you want to return to work, have the freedom to leave your baby with a carer or have a breastfeeding backup for emergencies, not to mention if you’re exclusively bottle feeding your baby. Minbie, with its revolutionary anti-reflux, anti-colic and anti-mastitis nipple, is the perfect solution because it develops a baby’s proper feeding technique and enables seamless switching between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. You can save money on your Minbie with this 3 Months + Bundle, which contains a bottle and two sets of nipples with differing flow rates to suit your baby’s changing feeding speed.

    Our Teat

    Patented Teat Design

    Natural Latch

    • Nurtures your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding latch
    • Strengthens your baby’s breastfeeding coordination
    • Avoids teat confusion
    • Enhances and protects your mother-baby breastfeeding bond

    Natural Feeding Action

    • Replicates your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding motion
    • Supports good digestion
    • Prevents lazy feeding
    • Anti-reflux and anti-colic
    'Minbie Saved Our Feeding Relationship'

    Watch as new mum shares her experience on how the unique Minbie teat helped her little one to finally take a bottle, allowing Dad to help too and nurture that special feeding bond with their little one while protecting breastfeeding.