3 Reasons not to use standard bottle teats

Issue #1 Nipple Confusion

What is nipple confusion?  It manifests in two ways: (1) when a baby prefers the bottle to the breast (2) when a baby no longer knows what to do on the breast.  Nipple confusion is a problem that can easily happen quickly in one or more feeds orally that aren't at the breast.  It is a very difficult issue to fix!

Standard bottle teats easily cause Nipple Confusion

Virtually all bottle teats have a standard shape. They feed the baby, they may look like a breast, but they overlay or confuse a baby's natural breastfeeding technique. Lamentably standard teats don't function like babies should feed on the breast, so there is the risk of nipple confusion (particularly for newborns and premature babies).

Minbie protects the mother-baby breastfeeding bond from Nipple Confusion

Significant certified empirical evidence shows that the patented Minbie bottle teat protects against nipple confusion. Minbie feeds with the instinctive breastfeeding technique your baby is born with, so you can protect your mother-baby breastfeeding relationship.


Issue #2 Lazy Feeding 

What is lazy feeding?  It manifests when a baby   prefers  the bottle to the breast because it's easier.  

Standard teats cause lazy feeding 

Alas the issue with standard teats is that they are easier for babies to feed from and this can have the unintended consequence that babies prefer the bottle.

Minbie prevents lazy feeding

When you give your baby a Minbie bottle teat, your baby works for the feed with their instinctive breastfeeding technique. Minbie builds and maintains a newborn's, and a premature baby's, breastfeeding strength and coordination. This can help babies learn to breastfeed better.

Issue #3 Weak Latch

What is a weak latch?  It manifests when a baby can't latch onto the breast sufficiently strongly to be able to breastfeed, so the bottle takes over.  For babies to breastfed they need to latch strongly onto the breast.  

Standard teats cause a weak latch  

Unfortunately, standard bottle teats do not require babies to latch strongly and inadvertently this can weaken their latch.

Minbie nurtures a proper strong breastfeeding latch

Babies feed from Minbie with their comfortable strong instinctive breastfeeding latch, thus providing valuable practice for a proper anti-mastitis, anti-reflux, anti-colic breastfeeding latch.  

 Julia Wilson, Minbie Founder