3 Reasons not to use standard bottle teats

Issue #1 Nipple-Confusion

Nipple-confusion is a widely used term to describe the scenario when babies are reluctant to breastfeed and prefer to bottle feed instead. This can be really disheartening!  

Standard bottle teats easily cause Nipple-Confusion 

Lamentably standard / generic bottle-teats don't function like babies should feed on the breast, so there is the risk of nipple-confusion particularly for premature and postnatal babies.

Virtually all bottle teats have a standard shape. With standard / generic bottle-teats babies can get the milk more easily, they don't have to work for the feed, their latch does not have to be as strong and they feed with a relatively simplistic technique - none of which translates well to the breast!  

Minbie helps to protect from Nipple-Confusion

Babies who feed from the Minbie are practicing their instinctive breastfeeding muscle-memory. They are practicing to latch properly onto the breast and they are practicing to work for the feed with their complex and instinctive special breastfeeding peristaltic technique. This is very good support for breastfeeding. It is the technique that evolution provided for our babies, for their very survival. It is the technique that best protects the longevity of the mother-baby breastfeeding relationship!


Issue #2 Lazy-Feeding 

Standard teats easily cause lazy-feeding 

Standard  / generic bottle-teats feed the baby and they may look like a breast, but babies feed from these teats with a technique that is easier than breastfeeding. Lazy-feeding is easy-feeding, the problem is that it is not so good for a baby's digestive system plus it is not so good for encouraging the mother's milk-supply! 

Alas the issue with standard / generic teats is that they are easier for babies to feed from and this can have the unintended consequence.

Minbie prevents lazy-feeding

The saying "use it or lose it" is relevant for infant feeding. We created the Minbie so that parents could give a bottle that would help to maintain their baby's hard-working instinctive breastfeeding technique. When a baby feeds from a Minbie bottle-teat, the baby works for the feed with their instinctive, complex, peristaltic breastfeeding technique. This instinctive breastfeeding technique requires feeding strength and coordination. It is better for their digestive system and better for encouraging their mother's milk-supply when breastfeeding. This is how Minbie supports the mother-baby breastfeeding bond!

Issue #3 Weak-Latch

What is a weak latch?  It manifests when a baby can't latch onto the breast sufficiently strongly to be able to breastfeed. 

Standard bottle-teats can cause a weak-latch  

Unfortunately, standard / generic bottle teats do not require babies to latch strongly, so inadvertently this weakens a baby's latch.

Minbie nurtures a proper strong breastfeeding latch

Babies feed from Minbie with a strong instinctive breastfeeding latch, providing valuable practice for a proper, comfortable breastfeeding latch.

 Julia Wilson, Minbie Co-Founder